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Please find our contact details and answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a query not listed please get in touch, we aim to respond within 24 hours.

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Booking An Artist Or Label Showcase

How do I book an artist?

To book an artist you can email us directly via or alternatively use the booking form found on the home page or said artist’s page.

Booking Fees

Booking fees are a confidential agreement between all parties involved. Promoters are expected to pay 50% of the agreed fee as a deposit with the rest payable on the night of the event.


Our artists are currently more recognised within the international Techno community

What is a label showcase?

A label showcase is an event focusing on a combination of music and visual art which represents the sound of the label. The label will select the artists from the label and guests chosen to play at the event

Our Services

Which genres does Seance Agency specialize in?

Our promo and bookings service primarily specializes in the Techno, Drum & Bass & Electronica genres

What is the cost of a basic promo campaign?

The cost of a basic promo campaign is £10 per campaign

What is the cost of a promo plus campaign?

Promo plus campaigns cost £15

How much does it cost to set-up a podcast?

The cost depends on whether you already have hosting or not. Our fee for getting things set up is £5

Can I join your Promo list?

To receive the latest promos from our labels then please fill out an application

How do I join Seance Agency?

As we already have a working relationship with the artists we represent, joining Seance Agency is by invitation only! However, if you feel we could work well together get in touch.

How much is membership?

Unlike some companies who charge for the privilege being on their books alongside a couple of branded DJs & Acts who they actively seek work for we prefer to charge a percentage based fee for our services when they are required

I have an unsigned music demo

To submit a demo to our labels please click here