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Basic Promo Campaign

Mailing List

Your promo sent out to our extensive DJ, Radio & Blog list

Customised Template

A customised promotion template to match the look and feel of the label's logo and design is included as standard.

Delivery Reports

Once sent you will receive delivery diagnostics, if an email address you provide does bounce, we will see why and resolve quickly.

Real-time Feedback

You will also receive a link to a page with automatically updated feedback as and when it comes through.

Push reactions to our Twitter feed. We can automatically tweet positive support tagging your label and artist's Twitter accounts.

A full report containing all support, delivery, open, location & audio metrics plus plenty of charted statistics and date for you to analyze is available in multiple formats at the conclusion of both sets of campaigns and will be automatically sent out once the campaign ends.

Promo Plus Campaign

Includes all of the above features with the additional features of....

We will create a basic video of each individual track in your promo for uploading to your YouTube account or website using the promo artwork and customised background.

The badge generator allows you to share support on Facebook or your website backed up by a beautiful, shareable support image badge. (as pictured)


Our new promo service via Promo-Fusion offers popular services like Android & iOS apps with push notifications and email settings that allow for choosing when you receive email notifications of promos if at all.

It also has the popular Dropbox feature.

Our Clients Include: